geektalkd is a simple chat server designed for use with thin clients (like telnet, netcat, or one of the avaliable perl clients). It features multiple channels, private whispers, and everything else you'd expect from a chat server. Additionally, all of the parser code can be rewritten and reread, so you can install new functions on the fly, without restarting the server, or kicking users off.

The new version now also features access control lists to restrict users to certain domains.

News: geetalkd 1.24 is just a small bug fix in the installer for people who want to use access control lists. You don't need to download this upgrade unless you want to use ACLs but haven't been able to (because the installer was broken)! If you aren't using ACLs or are using them successfully, you do not need to download the new release!

News: geektalkd was featured in the March 2003 issue of Linux Journal!! Nuts! You can read the article online.

geektalkd 1.x isn't under active development anymore (unless you need specific bug fixes). I keep talking about a 2.0 rewrite, but honestly, I probably never will.

Here is the readme file.

A sample help screen (to give you an idea of the featureset):

* Geektalk Help:
*   /bye or /quit                     quit from geektalk
*   /signon [<channel #>]             signon to geektalk session
*   /signoff                          signoff from geektalk session
*   /channel [<channel #>]            show/change channel
*   /invite <user>                    invite <user> to your channel
*   /names [<user>]                   list users
*   /stats [<user>]                   get various statistics
*   /ping <user>                      send a 'beep' to <user>
*   /tell <user> <msg>                send a message to <user>
*   /ignore [<user> [on|off|0|1]]     start or stop ignoring a user
*   /times [on|off|1|0]               Turn timestamping of messages on/off
*   /echo [on|off|1|0]                Turn echoing of your own message on/off
*   /me <message>                     Do an action ("/me eats bl00d.")
*   /nuclear <message>                Print something anonymously
*   /username <username>              Change your username


The geektalkd server. (1.24 10-Feb-2003)
A Windows geektalk client.
A GTK+2.0 client (instructions for compiling are at the top)
A curses-based client
An assortment of weird clients.
The old C-based chatd (server) and chat (a curses-based client).
The updated/hacked version of the chatd sources.


This program was written by Michael Plump. You can email me at with questions/comments.